Org Jobs

What is Org?

Org is reinventing the nature of the firm, through a new platform allowing easier creation of proper unstoppable DAOs. To do this, we must solve numerous prerequisite problems for building practical unstoppable DAOs, including: scalability, increasing marketplace efficiency, and trustless consensus on off-chain information.

We're a growing team with successful previous exits and a long track record in the cryptocurrency, finance, machine learning, and blockchain spaces.

Who are you?

Have a strong opinion on the biggest technical misunderstandings of the blockchain space? Understand why Bitcoin worked, after so many before it in the P2P space had failed? If you know the answer to these questions, or have a strong background in any of the areas below, please get in touch!

Seeking experts in: Financial Engineering, Machine Learning, P2P Tech, Compiler Design, Outsourced Computation Attestation.