Unstoppable Blockchain Organizations

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What is ORG?

Org is first smart contract platform to achieve generalized trustlessness, through Insurable Confirmations.

Fully Trustless, Permissionless, Composable

Org is the first truly self-organizing, self-improving, totally permissionless ecosystem. Org is the first to make truely decentralized organizations possible.:

An incremental blind and reveal protocol offers strong probabilistic guarantees.:

Org enables highly-scalable computation using trees of interacting blockchains:

Each organization is defined in terms of feeds, a reward function, and an auction function. Workers stake claims on results, allowing them to make or lose tokens based on the quality of their work.:

ORG quickly scales work verification via a meritocratic confidence-multiplying hierarchy:

The ORG skill communication protocol increases collaboration efficiency, by allowing the communication of compatibility between workers, problems, and datasets.:

Original Creator Rewards incentivize creators, leading to greater total productivity:

Specialized utility orgs, like the fair ensembling orgs, incentivize rewarding of valuable contributions.: