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What is ORG?

First platform for creation of uICOs, having no central point of control, no central wallet controllers, and not possible to regulate out of existence, unlike today's ICOs.

Future of Funds - Future of Fundraising

Org is the first truly self-organizing, self-improving, totally permissionless ecosystem. Org is the first to make totally-decentralized funds and uICOs possible.:

An incremental blind and reveal protocol offers strong probabilistic guarantees.:

Org enables highly-scalable computation using trees of interacting blockchains:

Each organization is defined in terms of feeds, a reward function, and an auction function. Workers stake claims on results, allowing them to make or lose tokens based on the quality of their work.:

ORG quickly scales work verification via a meritocratic confidence-multiplying hierarchy:

The ORG skill communication protocol increases collaboration efficiency, by allowing the communication of compatibility between workers, problems, and datasets.:

Original Creator Rewards incentivize creators, leading to greater total productivity:

Specialized utility orgs, like the fair ensembling orgs, incentivize rewarding of valuable contributions.: